Matt Page Dunn
Who is Matt Dunn?

Born and raised in Southern California, I have always taken advantage of where I live. Living minutes from the mountains, less than an hour from the beach and the desert, I have been given so many opportunities to photograph. I have always been intrigued by art, and from a young age, I watched my father and the way he expressed his vision through art, wanting to show the world California beach life through his free-willed watercolors. From the days I visited his offices at DGA and seeing the rows and rows of colorful markers he had, to being at home, seeing his hippy-style, watercolor studio with all the colors, and blues and classic rock playing in the background. So, for me, it was hard not finding my way into doing something creative.

Matt Dunn Web Designer, Photographer

Back in the fall of 2001, my mother approached me about a school that offered a certification program for Graphic/Web Design. She knew in her heart that it would be the perfect thing for me and knew that it would get me going in the right direction. At the time, I was working construction and really didn't have a plan for my future and pretty much lived day-to-day. I took her advice and away I went on a creative, art-filled life.

Since 2002, I have been working for Concrete Network as a web developer/designer, which is owned by a man named Jim Peterson. I don't think I could have gotten luckier with the connection. To me, he has been such an inspiring person and a great coach in life. He gave me an opportunity and I couldn't be more grateful.

During my time there (and I still work there to this day), I made a connection with a fellow named Josh Endres. Josh was brought on to fill many roles, but I quickly saw how creative he was and what great vision he had with art and design. I was able to bring him under my wing and showed him the ropes of web/graphic design. The longer we worked together, the bigger and better bond we made. To this day, he is one of my best friends and is a fabulous designer. A few years back, Josh took up the hobby of photography, and I was always amazed with his work and what he was able to capture. He would take trips in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and would come back with amazing imagery. I quickly began falling in love with photography; with the way it allows us to grab an instant in our lives, a moment in time, and show off the true beauty of this world. You can check out his work here

Please enjoy.